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(By which I mean, I don't know how to write homework with these characters, so I'm writing a short little thing.)
I sped walked through the city, small chunks of gold in one hand, holding my friend's arm with the other. My fist clenched around the shiny metal as I listened for anyone who could be following us. Wim, my friend, was also tense, paranoid. As I glanced over at him, a pang of guilt hit me once I saw all of the concern on his face. He was probably freaking out on the inside, mostly for me, but here I was, without the guts to tell him that I also kind of stole some gold behind his back.
"I can't believe we found a dragon slayer." He grumbled, as we stopped to wait to cross the street to keep our "casual" escape going.
"Yeah, just our luck that a dragon slayer would overhear us talking about me being a dragon." I growled, glaring at the passing cars.
"And then you had to go and steal some gold." My stomach went cold, and I tensed.
"Did you really think I didn't notice? You always take gold, it's kind of what I expect from you at this point."
Guilt took hold of me, and I looked away from Wim awkwardly. "Well... It was only a little..." I mumbled with an apologetic hint in my voice. He sighed.
"It's fine, like I said, I expect these kinds of things. Anyway, I think we should get a taxi or something to lose them."
I hesitated, then looked at him, still awkwardly. "I... I dunno, Wim. I mean... Taxis cost money and stuff, and, we don't know if we can trust them."
He glared at me, and I tried to avoid eye contact. "You just don't want to give up any money, Dragos. It won't be a whole lot, we won't go that far. It's better than being forced into your actual dragon form and being skinned, isn't it?"
I wished I could say that it was hard to find money, but I noticed every penny, and collected money quickly. He'd never buy that, and I had no other excuse.
"Alright, fine... But you're doing the paying, I don't think I could part with it."
Wim chuckled, and then grinned at me. "You dragons are weird." I let go of his arm, then he reached into my pocket and grabbed my wallet before I could.
"Just make it quick and painless."
"I'll do my best."
((This... Is a really weird... drabble? I might do something more interesting later, I'm so sorry.))
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