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Name:Princen Ren
Let's see, um, I'm a non-binary (agender (my gender is, essentially, nothing)), panromantic/asexual polyamorous 15 year old who simultaneously, through means of procrastination, has no time for themself and all the time in the world. I don't mind what pronouns are used for me, as long as it's not "he" or "it".

Oh, I like more things than I said under interests, you should probably just ask me though, since it generally takes me forever to list all the *shows* I've at least kind of liked.
I'm also a Leo (under the first decan, my rising sign is also a Leo, but my moon sign is Aquarius) and a Rabbit. I like to write fan fics and original stories, and I probably have too many OCs, and have thought of FCs but, IDK about those.

Talk to me if you want, I'm actually pretty friendly, just bad at contact! I'd love to make friends!

~About roleplays: I love those, I've heard people do them here, I don't know if through messages or forums, but I generally like to do RPs with more than one sentence.~

*Other Names For Me* - Eren, Ren, Mint, Lucy/Luci (AKA, my real nickname that most people use, but sometimes it makes me a little uncomfortable, and IDK, I think it's weird.)

(By the way, do dinosaurs count as animals...?)
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